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Making a claim for compensation could help you gain money to help get your life back on track. With the money you are awarded as compensation; you could pay for medical attention and also relieve the financial strain you are facing as a result of taking time off work.


Accident Claims Helpline is an independent organisation that aims to assist you with your personal injury claim and help get you the compensation that you deserve so, before you make a claim contact Accident Claims Helpline for some free professional advice.


If you have been left suffering with food poisoning after eating at a restaurant, cafe or eatery? Then you may be eligible to claim compensation. If you can prove that it was the food consumed in the restaurant that caused your food poisoning then you can claim compensation.


Anything including abdominal pains, vomiting, nausea, fevers and headaches diarrhoea can be a signs of bacteria infections and if is dealt with correctly you can claim financial rewards for any loss of earnings or medical treatment.


The most common causes of infectious bacteria include campylobacter, yersinia, salmonella and if they are not treated correctly they can live in kitchens for a long period of time.


As part of the health and safety act public eateries required a certain amount of cleanliness and sanitation.


If you contract food poisoning after eating there, then, it is probable that they do not have the correct cleanliness required. Also if you have been poisoned from undercooked food you can claim financial rewards as chefs and cooks are required to have proper training and they should be able to properly prepare the food on offer.


Other types of poisoning that can be claimed for include work poison claims for example carbon monoxide poisoning. If you have been poisoned by carbon monoxide or another poisonous chemical through no fault of your own then you could be eligible to claim compensation.


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Accident Claims Helpline - Poisoning Claims

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This article was published on 2010/09/18