Specialist Personal Injury Solicitors Can Advise on Your Compensation Claim

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One of the most frequently asked questions to a personal injury solicitor is, how much money am I entitled to?

It is good for those embarking upon a claim to receive some reassurance that following the lengthy procedure is going to be worthwhile in the end.

So the initial interview with a personal injury solicitor needs to be more revealing that merely whether or not you have a viable claim to be pursued.

The good news is that for some types of claims, such as damage to property, there are straightforward methods to establish how much compensation is likely to come your way. In others, including where pain and suffering is involved and it is possible that blame may be shared, it is far more difficult for your solicitor to make such a call.

One obvious example of where your personal injury solicitors should be able to give you a reliable indication about the extent of your compensation claim is where compensation is equal to the value of the item either damaged or destroyed.

The claimant in these situations can expect to receive compensation to a 'replacement' value rather than the actual value. Say for example you have a five-year-old TV that is damaged as a result of an accident or a criminal act. The compensation amount claimed for, should be that of the amount of a new TV, not the amount it would cost to replace the destroyed old one.

Injuries which are most common do fit to a standard scale of compensation amounts. Hernia injuries are typically paid from £2,000 to £14,000, and whiplash injuries from £750 to £2,550. Your solicitor is likely to be able to give you a decent estimation over what compensation you will receive in light of your salary, however bear in mind that future benefits, bonuses and raises would also be included in this.

Personal injury solicitors usually work on a guarantee that you will receive 100 per cent of your compensation.

Their experience in dealing with hundreds of similar cases is another reassuring factor for you at what can be a difficult time.

If you are confused as to whether or not you are able to make a claim, then contact an experienced personal injury lawyer who will then look at the facts and simplify a seemingly complicated case. They may not be able to answer every question from the beginning but they will have the know-how to ensure you get the best possible result.

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Specialist Personal Injury Solicitors Can Advise on Your Compensation Claim

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This article was published on 2010/12/16